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“Art has been a navigating force in my life for as long as I can remember. My Mother served as an artist’s model, taking me to all of her classes, where I watched intrigued until I finally took up the brush myself and began to paint alongside the college students. This process felt incredibly natural and over time I began to breathe, see, and paint as a creative release, which influenced my everyday environment and the many aspects of my life. Now, the use of paint on canvas is both energizing and deeply meditative. As I look to develop everyday images and objects into an alternate shape, I feel as though I’m giving them another life altogether. My hope is to see my work ignite and inspire the viewer."







Grand Opening of 7 on Locust, Mill Valley 6/13

Currently on display at 7 on Locust, Mill Valley, CA


CE Cellars Wine Launch Party June, 1 San Francisco, CA